Dromard Tidy Villages

2018 – Year 5

Wildlife habitats, pollinator plan 2015-2020, moyne, b4 and after

Approach roads, legga rockery, moyne cross b4 and after


Built environment, latin school, dromard sports complex

Community involvement, dromard national school, ucl harps fundraiser, mens shed

Tidiness and Litter control

Sustainable waste and resource management, dns clothing collection and renewable energy, farm plastic

2017 marks

2017 – Year 4
Dromard  Scholars Corner
New Footpaths Latin School


On the 4th February 2017 Dromard Tidy Villages organised and hosted a community event for all members of their community at the community centre in Dromard.  The aim of the event was to highlight to community members the variety of projects that the local Tidy Villages group engages with to support the protection, enhancement and maintenance of the variety of biodiversity found within their local community.  Three quest speakers were invited to attend:

  • Liam Mitchell from the Swift Conservation Project, Longford Branch
  • Robert Birtwhistle from Birtwhistle Hedging and Environmental
  • Nuala Madigan Education Officer with the Irish Peatland Conservation Council

Items discussed were:

  1. Rare Swift Population Dromard
  2. Hedgerows of Dromard
  3. Understanding Biodiversity and its Value
  4. Wildflower Area
  5. Insect Hotel
  6. Bird Boxes
  7. Bird Feeders and Bird Bath
  8. Bat Boxes
  9. Creating a Pond
  10. Create a Butterfly Garden
  11. What about Moths?
  12. Bees
  13. Invasive Species
Litter Audit 2017

2016 – Year 3
(A full report can be found at http://www.tidytowns.ie/publications)
2016 result
Plant Species – Rockery @ Martins Cross
Remembrance Garden

2015 – Year 2

Dromard Tidy Villages are proud to announce that we have once again acquired a respectable score in the SUPERVALU 2015 National Tidy Towns Competition; in fact, we have gained an extra ten points up from last year.

A few areas were cited as having room for Improvement such as ‘Wildlife, habitats and Natural Amenities. We will address these in the coming year.

We would like to extend our gratitude to all the volunteers who made this happen. Many people contributed work hours, materials and expertise. Sincere thanks to all who came out and helped in any way. We look forward to seeing you all out again during the next season.

Please join us on facebook and keep an eye out for our next phase.

Dromard Tidy Villages Notice

2014 was our first year to enter the Tidy Towns Competition and creditable results were achieved. We would like to thank all those whom helped out in any way last year and it is now hoped to build on these results for 2015.

Our first meeting for 2015 will take place on Thursday 19th of Feburary in the Latin School Community Centre starting at 8.15pm sharp. All are welcomed to attend.

To start the ball rolling a Parish Litter Pick-Up day will take place on Saturday 21st Feburary 2015 meeting at the Latin School Community Centre from 10 am to 12 noon. We would encourage as many as possible to come out and lend a hand on the day.

To keep in touch with up and coming events for the year a Dromard Tidy Villages Facebook page has been setup or contact us on dromardtidyvillages@gmail.com and  https://dromardcommunity.wordpress.com


2014 – Year 1
Tidy Villages Results

For our very first time to enter The Tidy Towns Competition the community of Dromard can be very proud of the results which were announced today.

Please click on link to view results..


We now can look forward to improving these results over the next few years and thus enhancing the over all look of the two villages and surrounding area’s.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people that helped out with the parish litter day including our sponsors off the hanging baskets and hangers at the Latin school..

Anyone wishing to help out and get involveed can contact Gerry McCabe, Mark Murtagh, Peter Masterson or Peter Cassidy


Dromard Tidy Villages Committee
Hosts Parish Litter Day

In view of Dromard’ success in the Pride of Place competition in the past, and the successful completion of Dromard Community Enhancement Plan in 2012, a 1st time application into the tidy villages competition will be lodged for 2013/2014.

To commence the process we have organised a litter day on 14th June between 10am and 12am, which will assist in the preparation of Moyne and Legga village’ and the areas connecting both, participation in the competition. The meeting point on the 14th is at the Latin School where all resources will be available.

We would greatly appreciate your time, effort and support to meet the requirements under the following headings: general tidiness, litter control, landscaping, road verges and hedging of the above area.

It is envisaged that the enhancement of all areas of the parish will be rolled out over the next few years.

We would greatly appreciate a member of each household contributing on this day.

Thank you.

Dromard Tidy Villages Committee

Gerry McCabe, Peter Masterson, Mark Murtagh, Peter Cassidy.

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